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The velopharyngoplasty performed using the popular Sanvenero-Rosselli method improves the speech quality of patients with cleft palate suffering from persistent velopharyngeal insufficiency despite successful closure of the hard and soft palates. However, often a relatively narrow pharyngeal bridge results due to healing not only by granulation and scar(More)
BACKGROUND Despite successful closure of the hard and soft palate and intensive speech therapy a velopharyngeal insufficiency is not completely avoidable in each case of cleft palate. An improvement by velopharyngoplasty should be possible. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two hundred and ninety patients suffering from cleft palate were examined before and one year(More)
The relationship between orthodontic and logopedic findings was evaluated with statistical contingency analysis. The investigation was focused on selected dentomorphologic parameters and oral function/malfunction of 100 patients between 3 and 7 years of age with unilateral cleft lip and palate. For further classification into contingency tables "normal" and(More)
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