M. Hiraki

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A sensitive method of demonstrating latent imbalance of labyrinthine function was devised. The subject was asked to walk at his or her usual speed with eyes closed in a circle 2 m in diameter. This test was done by 22 patients whose vestibular function as tested by the Romberg, Mann, Fukuda and Babinski-Weil's methods had become normal after an attack of(More)
The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is widely used for the 3D measurements of objects. Traditional CMM is based on a serial mechanism whose drawbacks are weakness against external forces and the accumulation of errors. We developed a new type of CMM based on a parallel mechanism. The advantages of this mechanism are its robustness against external force(More)
The inefficient clearance of dying cells can lead to abnormal immune responses, such as unresolved inflammation and autoimmune conditions. We show that tumor suppressor p53 controls signaling-mediated phagocytosis of apoptotic cells through its target, Death Domain1α (DD1α), which suggests that p53 promotes both the proapoptotic pathway and postapoptotic(More)
Gallbladder rupture due to blunt abdominal injury is rare. There are few reports of traumatic gallbladder injury, and it is commonly associated with other concomitant visceral injuries. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose traumatic gallbladder rupture preoperatively when it is caused by blunt abdominal injury. We report a patient who underwent(More)
Altered regulation of ER stress response has been implicated in a variety of human diseases, such as cancer and metabolic diseases. Excessive ER function contributes to malignant phenotypes, such as chemoresistance and metastasis. Here we report that the tumor suppressor p53 regulates ER function in response to stress. We found that loss of p53 function(More)
This study was performed to clarify the role of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 α (HIF-1α) in the development of peritoneal dissemination in a xenograft mouse model of gastric cancer. HIF-1α knockdown (KD) and control (SC) gastric cancer cells, which were established using the MKN45 and MKN74 cell lines, were studied. The two paired cell lines were directly(More)
Twenty-one normal adults were the subjects of this study. They were instructed to step in the same position with eyes closed for a total of 50 steps under two conditions: i) Immediately after simultaneous irrigation of the right and left auditory canals for 10 s with 30 degrees C water and 44 degrees C water, respectively, and ii) following irrigation of(More)
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