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INTRODUCTION The patho-physiological basis for finger dexterity deficits in Parkinson's disease (PD) is controversial. Previously, bradykinesia was regarded as the major mechanism. However, recent research suggested limb-kinetic apraxia as an important component of impaired fine motor skills in PD. In contrast to bradykinesia, limb-kinetic apraxia only(More)
Despite there being an increasing number of installations of ultra high field MR systems (>3T) in clinical environments, no functional patient investigations have yet examined possible benefits for functional diagnostics. Here we performed presurgical localization of the primary motor hand area on 3T and 7T Siemens scanners with identical investigational(More)
BACKGROUND In brachial plexus avulsion, a recent technique connects the ending of the disrupted musculocutaneous nerve to the side of the intact phrenic nerve to regain elbow flexion. This requires the phrenic nerve to perform a new double function: independent control of breathing and elbow flexion. Neuroplastic changes associated with acquisition of(More)
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