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While genetic influences in schizophrenia are substantial, the disorder's molecular genetic basis remains elusive. Progress has been hindered by lack of means to detect nonpenetrant carriers of the predisposing genes and by uncertainties concerning the extent of locus heterogeneity. One approach to solving this complexity is to examine the inheritance of(More)
First weeks after alcohol withdrawal, associated with profound changes in neural transmission, constitute the critical period for relapse prevention and pharmacological intervention in alcoholism. Here, 20 male alcoholics with 1±6 weeks of abstinence and 20 age-matched healthy controls were studied using auditory event-related potentials (ERP), measured(More)
We investigated the effects of chronic alcoholism on middle-latency auditory evoked potentials (MAEP) in 14 male alcoholics with 1±6 weeks of abstinence (without other severe disorders) and 13 age-matched male social-drinker controls. The peak amplitude of a positive de¯ection (Pa) of the MAEP, peaking at about 30 ms post-stimulus, was signi®cantly larger(More)
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