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Eleven patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma were treated with whole body hyperthermia (41.8 degrees C-43.0 degrees C) for 2 hours, doxorubicin (45 mg/m2) at the beginning of peak temperature and cyclophosphamide (1000 mg/m2) 6 hours after doxorubicin. Warming was accomplished with a nylon and vinyl mesh water perfused suit and heating blankets under(More)
Because of evidence suggesting that volatile anesthetics interfere with platelet aggregation in vitro, platelet function was investigated in patients exposed to combinations of nitrous oxide, halothane, and enflurane during brief surgical procedures. In 12 patients undergoing elective operations, blood was sampled before anesthesia, after induction but(More)
Acute renal failure develops insidiously in the presence of normal urine output and vital signs. A prospective study was carried out to find whether renal impairment can be detected in the immediate postoperative period and to determine the renal function test best predicting the development of renal dysfunction. Forty patients with multiple trauma who(More)