M. Helft

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Thirty-seven patients wearing complete dentures were investigated for Candida albicans. Twenty-five of the patients suffered from denture stomatitis and twelve had clinically normal mucosa. Candida albicans was isolated and identified from Sabouraud dextrose agar culture medium models constructed from impressions of the maxilla and from the upper dentures.(More)
The effect of exposure time of a visible light source on the depth of polymerization and degree of hardness of a sample of Occlusin posterior composite resin was investigated. The border between cured and non-cured composite resin was identified by a change in colour and by applying pressure with a scalpel. Knoop hardness tests were performed perpendicular(More)
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — In a meeting at Google in 2004, the discussion turned to an e-mail message the company had received from a fan in South Korea. Sergey Brin, a Google founder, ran the message through an automatic translation service that the company had licensed. The message said Google was a favorite search engine, but the result read: " The sliced(More)
The authors discuss the user programming model for the scalable processor architecture (SPARC) and the optimizing compilers for the SPARC-based Sun-4 workstations. They are concerned with two broad areas: how the compilers use the architecture and the design of the compilers themselves. They discuss the registers, synthesized instructions, tagged data(More)
Three clinical methods for testing marginal fit of complete cast crowns were investigated: the exploration, radiograph, and impression techniques. This work proved that the impression technique is the superior test and should become a standard part of the evaluation routine for complete cast crowns.
Nicole Wong, Google's deputy general counsel, says there'll be a link to an explanation. SAN FRANCISCO — Google will begin showing ads on Wednesday to people based on their previous online activities in a form of advertising known as behavioral targeting, which has been embraced by most of its competitors but has drawn criticism from privacy advocates and(More)