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Eukaryotic expression vectors have been used successfully in viral LT-expressing cell lines (ie. COS) to clone cDNAs encoding proteins that can be detected through their bio-activity or reactivity with specific antibodies. Since Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) have been used extensively for the isolation and characterization of somatic cell mutants, we(More)
BACKGROUND Circulating 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH)D), an accurate measure of vitamin D status, is markedly greater in individuals with increased exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) light via sunlight or the use of artificial UV light. Aside from the known relationship between vitamin D and bone, vitamin D has also been implicated in immune function and(More)
Nurses often provide care for patients and families who are suffering and where emotions are heightened. Compassion is an essential component of the care that nurses provide. Emotions play an important role in the relationship and communication between nurses, patients and families. Self-compassion is the ability to be compassionate to oneself, without this(More)
Sialylated and G\cNAcßl-6Manal-6Manßl (pil-k branched) com plex-type oligosaccharides linked to asparagine residues of membrane glycoproteins in metastatic murine tumor cells have been associated with efficient tumor cell metastasis. A large proportion of these oligosacchar-ide structures, in several unrelated malignant cell lines, have been shown to be(More)
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