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— General formulas of entanglement concentration are derived by using an information-spectrum approach for the i.i.d. sequences and the general sequences of partially entangled pure states. That is, we derive general relations between the performance of the entanglement concentration and the eigen-values of the partially traced state. The achievable rates(More)
Adenosine modulates a wide variety of biological processes via adenosine receptors. In the exocrine pancreas, adenosine regulates transepithelial anion secretion in duct cells and is considered to play a role in acini-to-duct signaling. To identify the functional adenosine receptors and Cl− channels important for anion secretion, we herein performed(More)
Quantum chemical calculations of geometric and electronic structure and vertical transition energies for several low-lying excited states of the neutral and negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy point defect in diamond (NV(0) and NV(-)) have been performed employing various theoretical methods and basis sets and using finite model NC(n)H(m) clusters. Unpaired(More)
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