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In this paper, heat transfer and flow analysis for a non-Newtonian third grade nanofluid flow in porous medium of a hollow vessel in presence of magnetic field are simulated analytically and numerically. Blood is considered as the base third grade non-Newtonian fluid and gold (Au) as nanoparticles are added to it. The viscosity of nanofluid is considered a(More)
Magnetic core-shell nanoparticles have been widely studied because of their excellent and convenient magnetic and electrical properties.In this present work core-shell magneticnanoparticles (MNPs) were synthesized by simple chemical precipitation method. Firstly Mg(x)Fe(1–x)O (magnesiwuestite) nano powder samples were synthesised by low temperature chemical(More)
In this paper, finned type heat exchangers with different fin dimensions in the exhaust of a gasoline engine are modeled numerically for improving the exhaust energy recovery. RNG k-ε viscous model is used and the results are compared with available experimental data presented by Lee and Bae (Int J Therm Sci 47:468–478, 2008) where a good agreement is(More)
In this paper, three cases of heat exchangers (HEXs) in the exhaust of a diesel engine are modeled numerically for improving the exergy recovery amount. Simple double pipes, longitudinal and circular finned-tube HEXs are modeled to study the fin effect in waste heat recovery amount. It is tried to compare the circular and longitudinal fin’s effect (with the(More)
Using hydrodynamic approach, a three-component plasma which consists of electrons and two species of positive ions is investigated [1–3]. The plasma is assumed to be quasi neutral and its density is. The sheath region of the plasma is embedded in an oblique magnetic filed. The positive ions are singly charged and have different masses. The effect of(More)
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