M. Hassan Tanveer

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This article presents a control approach to obtain the better stabilization in attitude and altitude of quad-rotor under different disturbance conditions. In the standard Quad-rotor rotor type UAV, controlling of attitude and altitude is one of the most critical tasks and appropriate controller for stabilization of UAV is essential and necessary. These two(More)
The extensive consideration in this research article is to utilize the advantages of two most popular control techniques which are Non-Linear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) and Proportional Integral and Derivative (PID) controller for better stabilizing of quad-rotor VAV under different noises and disturbance conditions. The idea is to satisfy the(More)
There are number of failures are recorded in UAV projects because of its non-linearity nature. In Quad-rotor type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, position controlling is one of the most critical tasks and suitable Position stabilization controller is the essential part of these types of unmanned systems. In this paper a position stabilization (i.e. x and y axes)(More)
Now a day's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems are frequently used in many commercial applications. This makes UAV application as one of the hottest topic among the researchers. The most critical task for the researchers working on UAV is its proper and stable flight controlling under uncertainty and perturbed condition. In fixed wing UAV system altitude(More)
Central Asian Strain 1 (CAS1) is the prevalent Mycobacterium tuberculosis genogroup in South Asia. CAS1 strains carry deletions in RD149 and RD152 regions. Significance of these deletions is as yet unknown. We compared CAS1 strains with RD149 and concurrent RD149-RD152 deletions with CAS1 strains without deletions and with the laboratory reference strain,(More)
This paper describes an ENERGY CONSERVATION & MONITORING SYSTEM, designed to avoid usage of extra energy consumption and monitor the usage of energy. Energy crises have caused economic halts to many countries, causing hindrance in development of developing nations. This project is a small effort to solve this problem. The testing and demonstration of(More)
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