M. Harb

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In recent years the prevalence of Bancroftian filariasis has increased dramatically in the Nile delta (1). The resurgence is believed to be associated with an increasing accumulation, in and near villages, of surface and subsurface water that serves as breeding sites for Culex pipiens mosquitoes. This water increase could be due to the growing number of(More)
Molecular-based approaches were used to characterize the coastal microbiota and to elucidate the trophic state of Red Sea. Nutrient content and enterococci numbers were monitored, and used to correlate with the abundance of microbial markers. Microbial source tracking revealed the presence of >1 human-associated Bacteroides spp. at some of the near-shore(More)
We present a joint theoretical and experimental investigation of the absorption spectra of silver clusters Ag(n) (4<or=n<or=22). The experimental spectra of clusters isolated in an Ar matrix are compared with the calculated ones in the framework of the time-dependent density functional theory. The analysis of the molecular transitions indicates that the(More)
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