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  • M.A. DePristo, E. Banks, R.E. Poplin, K.V. Garimella, J.R. Maguire, C. Hartl +12 others
  • 2011
Recent advances in sequencing technology make it possible to comprehensively catalog genetic variation in population samples, creating a foundation for understanding human disease, ancestry and evolution. The amounts of raw data produced are prodigious, and many computational steps are required to translate this output into high-quality variant calls. We(More)
  • M. C. Benton, R. A. Lea, D. Macartney-Coxson, C. Bellis, M. A. Carless, J. E. Curran +5 others
  • 2015
Located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand, the unique population isolate of Norfolk Island has been shown to exhibit increased prevalence of metabolic disorders (type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease) compared to mainland Australia. We investigated this well-established genetic isolate, utilising its unique genomic structure to(More)
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