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The GIS software sector has developed rapidly over the last ten years. Open Source GIS applications are gaining relevant market shares in academia, business, and public administration. In this paper, we illustrate the history and features of a key Open Source GIS, the Geographical Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS). GRASS has been under development(More)
Identification of the direct spinal areas (portions of the dorsal and medial accessory nuclei) within the opossum inferior olivary complex was accomplished by mapping the location of the terminal degeneration by the Fink-Heimer technique subsequent to cervical cord lesions. Following similar lesions, sampling of these same regions for electron microscopic(More)
Constraint-Induced Movement therapy (CI therapy) is a recognized rehabilitation approach for persons having stroke with mild to moderately severe motor upper extremity deficits. To date, no rehabilitation treatment protocol has been proven effective that addresses both motor performance and spontaneous upper extremity use in the life situation for chronic(More)
PURPOSE The initial version of Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT I) consisted of a single exercise. This study sought to evaluate the feasibility for future trials of an expanded and restructured protocol designed to increase the efficacy of CIAT I. METHOD The subjects were 4 native English speakers with chronic stroke who exhibited characteristics(More)
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