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Recently, the D222G substitution was observed in the HA of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 viruses isolated from fatal cases in several countries. We made a similar observation in one fatal case in Tunisia showing a D222G substitution in a virus isolate. The man was 47 years old and had no other subjacent pathologies or any known risk factors. He died after three(More)
This paper gives an overview on a Virtualelectronic component or IP (Intellectual Property)exchange infrastructure whose main components area XML "well structured IP e-catalog Builder ¿"and a" XML IP profiler¿ While the first module is ae_publishing and an exchange management modulethe second has as role to extract from the designdirectories the IP files(More)
The medicolegal problems associated with posttraumatic epilepsy are frequently related to the assessment of the cause of traumatic brain injury and to the complexity of forensic examination. We carried out a study of 28 patients with posttraumatic epilepsy seen at the Neurological Department of Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis, Tunisia. We obtained a(More)
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