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Today's message passing architectures are characterized by high communication costs and they typically lack hardware support for synchronization and scheduling. These deeciencies present a severe obstacle to obtaining eecient implementations of parallel applications whose communication patterns are either highly irregular or dependent on dynamic(More)
BACKGROUND Cranial ultrasound (cUS) findings help doctors in the clinical management of preterm infants and in their discussion with parents regarding prediction of outcome. cUS is often used as outcome measure in clinical research studies. Accurate cUS performance and interpretation is therefore required. AIMS The aims of this study were (i) to assess(More)
The h'2 project aims to develop a distributed memory parallel processor (DMPP) that exploits the bene-jits of this class of machines, but appears to the user — and can be programmed and debugged — much like a conventional uniprocessor. To this end, we have concentrated our eflorts on the development of an automatically parallelizing compiler and a multiuser(More)
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