M . Haffner R . J . Reynolds S . L . Tufte

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A large portion of the Galaxy (l = 123◦ to 164◦, b = −6◦ to −35◦), which samples regions of the Local (Orion) spiral arm and the more distant Perseus arm, has been mapped with the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper (WHAM) in the [S II] λ6716 and [N II] λ6583 lines. By comparing these data with the maps from the WHAM Hα Sky Survey, we begin an investigation of the(More)
Tests have been conducted using caesium salts, zinc gluconate and vitamin A on colon carcinoma ( C38 ) implants in BDF1 mice. Preliminary work suggested a correlation between the repression of tumour growth and the use of these compounds. Present data show a high degree of tumour repression when selected amounts of these compounds are used together in a(More)
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