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The aim of this study was to develop a method of studying the effects of mandibular advancement on oropharyngeal airway dimensions in the sagittal plane in conscious, supine patients. Six white, dentate, male patients with proven obstructive sleep apnoea had sagittal fluoroscopic recordings taken in the resting supine position. Images were recorded at four(More)
This paper discusses the problems involved in the selection of dental students and the need for some form of aptitude testing. It describes the situation in the United Kingdom both in the past and the present, and then describes in detail the situation in North America (both in the United States and Canada). The Dental Admission Test, its history and the(More)
Because of difficulties encountered by students in determining the occlusal plane at the registration stage of full denture treatment, a simple technique which can be easily taught has been devised. Review of literature revealed a wide variety of landmarks and techniques advocated by various authorities and these are discussed. A technique using direct(More)
The desirability of some means of assessing potential dental students' dexterity is discussed and three new practical tests are described. Regression analysis was performed on the results and the subsequent correlations are presented. Further regression analysis was performed on examiners' scores in dental technology showing the inconsistencies. Results(More)
All non-specialist ADA member private practitioners in Queensland were invited to participate in a survey to determine the number of the various types of permanent restorations placed in one week and the percentage breakdown of the time they devoted to the various areas of dentistry. Final year dentistry students at the University of Queensland were asked(More)