M. H. Sargazi Moghadam

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Adapting natural phenomena rendering for real-time applications has become a common practice in computer graphics. We propose a GPU-based multi-band method for optimized synthesis of " far from coast " ocean waves using an empirical Fourier domain model. Instead of performing two independent syntheses for low-and high-band frequencies of ocean waves, we(More)
Objectives: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the abnormalities observed in the oral narrative skills of late talkers mostly caused by mental disorders while they try to comprehend a wordless sequential picture story to create and narrate the relevant story. Methods: Totally 15 (10 male and 5 female) individuals were selected based on the(More)
BACKGROUND Ramsar, a city in northern Iran, has areas with some of the highest recorded levels of natural radiation among inhabited areas measured on the earth. AIMS To determine whether short-term exposure to extremely high levels of natural radiation induce oxidative stress. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, 53 Wistar rats were randomly divided(More)
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