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Although gonococcal infections of the pulmonary valve were common before the introduction of antibiotics, such infections have rarely been reported since penicillin became available. In an elderly man with gonococcal endocarditis of the pulmonary valve the non-specific signs and symptoms, the late appearance of a pulmonary murmur, and the sterility of early(More)
Two patients with mild aortic insufficiency inhaled amyl nitrite during routine echocardiographic examinations. One developed sinus arrest and syncope and the other had pronounced sinus bradycardia. The mechanism of this paradoxical response is unclear. Caution should be exercised when amyl nitrite is administered for diagnostic purposes.
The clinical and hemodynamic findings in 13 consecutive patients with "swinging heart" on M-mode echocardiography were analyzed. In these patients the anterior right ventricular and posterior left ventricular walls and interventricular septum moved almost parallel to each other throughout the cardiac cycle, often with exaggerated excursion. In 10 of 13(More)
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