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A total of 371 serial dental panoramic radiographs from 71 children with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) were examined to determine the presence and extent of radiographically detectable condylar abnormalities. The series included 12 children with so called 'bird face' deformity and 55 in whom facial growth was judged to be normal. By the age of 15 years,(More)
The problem of late mandibular incisor crowding is a well established phenomenon, the cause of which has been the substance of considerable debate over the years. A central issue is the possible role of the third molars though no definitive conclusions have been consistently drawn. This prospective study was designed to investigate the effects of randomly(More)
The impacted palatal canine requires a combination of both surgical and orthodontic management. Two types of approach are commonly used: simple exposure, or exposure with bracketing at the time of surgery. In this study 104 consecutively treated patients with palatally impacted canines were examined at two centres, one at which the ectopic tooth was(More)
The effect of coronary artery disease and prior myocardial infarction on cardiac energetics was determined by measuring left ventricular myocardial blood flow, oxygen consumption (MVO2), efficiency and ejection phase indexes in 36 patients undergoing coronary arteriography. Eight control patients with normal coronary arteriograms and normal left ventricular(More)
Pilomatrixoma is an uncommon tumour arising from hair follicles. It is more common in the hair bearing areas of the upper region of the body, but is relatively rare. A case is presented in which clinical examination, ultrasound and computed tomography suggested the presence of a pleomorphic adenoma arising from the superficial lobe of the parotid gland, but(More)
A retrospective cross-sectional cephalometric investigation was undertaken to examine the facial form of a group of Finnish children with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA). Following digitization, the radiographs were divided into three age groups, and according to whether or not 'bird-face' deformity was present. From a total of 67 cases (39 females and 28(More)
Non-invasive investigations in the diagnosis of highly vascular lesions are without doubt a sound principle. A case is presented however, in which the clinical diagnosis of a haemangioma was confirmed by ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but required further investigation by angiography to facilitate treatment. Embolisation is a well(More)
The ectopic eruption and impaction of maxillary canines is a frequently encountered problem. The prevalence is estimated to be between 0.92% to 2.2%. It is found to be palatal to the dental arch in about 85% of cases and buccal only in about 15% of cases. Ericson and Kurol suggested that removal of the deciduous canine before the age of 11 years will(More)
The use of internal rigid fixation with plates in the treatment of facial fractures continues to increase in popularity. The principal advantage is in avoiding the use of maxillary mandibular fixation (intermaxillary fixation), thus enabling early return of function. However, there are clear guidelines for their use and technique of placement. A case is(More)