M. H. Montazer Torbati

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During 2014–2016, symptoms and signs of a powdery mildew disease were observed on the leaves and twigs of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) in orchards from Firouragh in the Khoy region (West Azarbaijan province) of Iran. Young leaves and twigs were covered with a powdery growth consisting of mycelium and the asexual reproductive structures of a powdery mildew(More)
In November 2015, white, powdery colonies were found on leaves of greengage (Prunus domestica subsp. italica var. claudiana) in the Meshginshahr (Ardabil province) and Khoy (West Azarbaijan province) regions of Iran. The circular colonies with chasmothecia scattered throughout were present mainly on the upper surface of the leaves. The fungus associated(More)
A new fruit rot disease was observed on olive fruits (Olea europaea L.) in the orchards of the Tarom region (Zanjan province, Northwest Iran). The symptoms of the disease appeared as water-soaked lesions on fruits, later becoming brownish and coalescing, which resulted in rotten and mummified fruits. Isolation was made from symptomatic tissues. The causal(More)
Vegetable oils and fats have a big contribution in our diet as cooking or frying oil, salad oil or in food products formulation. They are important from nutritional and economical point of views. Their authenticity is a serious issue since old time. Some edible oils and fats such as olive oil, cocoa butter and milk fat are so expensive which makes tempting(More)
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