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hTERT is the catalytic subunit of the telomerase complex. Elevated expression of hTERT is associated with the expansion and metastasis of gastric tumor. In this study, we aimed to identify novel tumor suppressor miRNAs that restrain hTERT expression. We began our screen for hTERT-targeting miRNAs with a miRNA microarray. miRNA candidates were further(More)
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), which are extensively transcribed from the genome, have been proposed to be key regulators of diverse biological processes. However, little is known about the role of lncRNAs in regulating spermatogenesis in human males. Here, using microarray technology, we show altered expression of lncRNAs in the testes of infertile men(More)
The effects of microinjection of glycine and strychnine into unilateral and bilateral Bötzinger complex (Böt. C) on phrenic nerve discharges were observed in 34 urethane anaesthetized, vagotomized, paralyzed and artificially ventilated rabbits. The results are as follows: (1) microinjection of glycine into unilateral Böt. C induced an increase of(More)
The effects of electrical stimulation of Bötzinger complex (Bot.C) on respiratory rhythm were investigated in 40 urethane anesthetized adult rabbits. The results were as follows. (1) A short train stimulation delivered in the early inspiratory phase produced a transient inhibition of phrenic discharge. The stimulus, when delivered in the mid or late(More)
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