M. H. Jawad

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This paper inspects the misaligned motors by using diagnostic medium such as current, flux and instantaneous power signal. Misalignments in machines can cause decrease in efficiency and in the long-run it may cause disastrous failure because of unnecessary vibration, stress on motor & bearings and short-circuiting in stator and rotor windings. The(More)
In smart grid paradigm, the consumer demands are random and time-dependent, owning towards stochastic probabilities. The stochastically varying consumer demands have put the policy makers and supplying agencies in a demanding position for optimal generation management. The utility revenue functions are highly dependent on the consumer deterministic(More)
This paper implemented very reliable technique which is called the Tanh method for solving evolution equations. The Tanh method has been successfully tested on two important Kawahara and modified Kawahara equations. The calculations demonstrate the effectiveness and convenience of Tanh method for solving nonlinearPDEs. 1. Introduction Nonlinear coupled(More)
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