M. H. Jawad

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Gerontological literature utilizes the life stress paradigm to understand the impact of stress on psychological well-being, as well as the protective role that social resources play in buffering those effects; however these relationships are not well understood within various historical and social contexts. Utilizing a sample of 490 community-residing older(More)
Nine patients with central hypoventilation syndrome (CHS) were treated with negative extrathoracic pressure ventilation (VNEP). Treatment with VNEP was started between 20 days and 57 months of age, which was two days to 47 months after diagnosis. The equipment to provide VNEP utilised a new system with a latex neck seal and Perspex chamber allowing easy(More)
Routine antenatal ultrasound screening has identified a variety of malformations which may present as hyperechogenic or cystic lung lesions. Knowledge of the natural history of these lesions in utero and after birth is incomplete, and an exact diagnosis is not always possible. Despite this, an increasing number of interventions and terminations of pregnancy(More)
Bacteriologic examination of blood, urine, CSF, and gastric aspirate was performed in 88 babies admitted with hypothermia (rectal temperature less than 35 degrees C) during the neonatal period. Infection was common in infants older than 3 days (late-onset hypothermia). In 36 of the 44 (81.8%) infected babies, the gastric aspirate was abnormal, whereas it(More)
The Frank J. Manning Certificate Program in Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts Boston was established in 1979 as part of an Administration on Aging (AoA) grant to develop and expand services to the elderly citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The program was designed to implement concepts associated with productive aging theory and(More)
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