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Laparoscopic surgery planning is usually realized on a preoperative image that does not correspond to the operating room conditions. Indeed, the patient undergoes gas insufflation (pneumoperitoneum) to allow instrument manipulation inside the abdomen. This insufflation moves the skin and the viscera so that their positions do no longer correspond to the(More)
Layered Ti-Al metal composite (LMC) fabricated by hot-pressing and hot-rolling process displays higher ductility than that of both components. In this paper, a combination of digital image correlation (DIC) and X-ray tomography revealed that strain delocalization and constrained crack distribution are the origin of extraordinary tensile ductility. Strain(More)
Ultrasonography is the lowest cost no risk medical imaging technique. However, reading an ultrasonographic (US) image as well as performing a good US probe positioning remain difficult tasks. Education in this domain is today performed on patients, thus limiting it to the most common cases. In this paper, we present a cost effective simulator that allows US(More)
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