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ErbB overexpression is linked to carcinogenesis. It is hypothesised that this is due to increased receptor density and receptor clustering, leading to increased receptor dimerisation and activation. Herein, spatial stochastic simulations have been performed to shed light receptor dimerisation processes. First, ligand-independent homodimerisation, is(More)
OBJECTIVES To elucidate the epidemiology of widespread ciprofloxacin resistance in our Veterans Affairs medical center using whole cell DNA analysis. DESIGN In vitro study of ciprofloxacin resistant and susceptible Enterobacteriaceae isolated during the course of a clinical epidemiologic study of quinolone resistance. SETTING Veterans Affairs Medical(More)
The duration of fertility in ducks indicated that a considerable additive genetic variation was presented. The selection to improve the duration of fertility in ducks might be a solution. On the other hand, the prolific gene would affect the reproductive performance of pig. Hence, the purpose of the present study was to identify the polymorphism of the(More)
OBJECTIVE TT virus (TTV) is a newly discovered human DNA virus of uncertain clinical significance. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of TTV infection among blood donors in Taiwan. METHODS Viral DNA was studied in 224 healthy blood donors and 118 deferred donors. DNA was extracted from plasma and amplified by seminested polymerase chain(More)
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