M.H. Bastani

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This paper develops a new evolutionary algorithm for generating low autocorrelation binary sequences. These sequences are of interest in pulse compression technique. The proposed algorithm is fast enough to yield optimum or near optimum codes. The generated sequences were compared to the best literature and were seen that its results are better than the(More)
In a coherent pulse Doppler radar, ambiguity can occur in both range and radial velocity measurements. PRF staggering has been considered as one of the most effective ways by which these consequential blind speeds can be eliminated. As it stands the optimization of such staggering has not been convincingly provided in a clear format in past studies. In this(More)
Distinguishing reflected waveforms from two separated targets which are very close to each other is an important challenge in radar signal processing. Pulse compression is a technique used for accounting for this problem. There are several methods for compressing such as phase coding waveform and the goal of this paper is finding these optimal codes. In(More)
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