M. H. Bakkus

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Concentrations of vasopressin (VP) precursor and oxytocin (OT) precursor mRNA were measured in magnocellular cell groups of the rat hypothalamus by newly developed solution hybridization assays. The assays employed single-stranded 35S-labeled VP-specific and OT-specific DNA probes that were prepared by primer extension on recombinant M13 DNA templates.(More)
Consistent chromosomal translocations involving the c-myc cellular oncogene and one of the three immunoglobin loci are typical for human Burkitt's lymphoma, induced mouse plasmacytoma (MPC) and spontaneously arising rat immunocytoma (RIC). Another plasma cell malignancy, multiple myeloma (MM), arising spontaneously in the ageing C57BL/KaLwRij mice, was(More)
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