M. H. Armanious

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Let L1 be a finite simple sloop of cardinality n or the 8-element sloop. In this paper, we construct a subdirectly irreducible (monolithic) sloop L = 2⊗αL1 of cardinality 2n, for each n ≥ 8, with n ≡ 2 or 4 (mod 6), in which each proper homomorphic image is a Boolean sloop. Quackenbush [12] has proved that the variety V (L1) generated by a finite simple(More)
It is well known that for each n ≡ 1 or 3 (mod 6) there is a planar Steiner quasigroup (briefly, squag) of cardinality n (Doyen (1969) and Quackenbush (1976)). A simple squag is semi-planar if every triangle either generates the whole squag or the 9-element subsquag (Quackenbush (1976)). In fact, Quakenbush has stated that there should be such semi-planar(More)
The modified simple equation method is employed to find the exact traveling wave solutions involving parameters for nonlinear evolution equations namely, a diffusive predator-prey system, the Bogoyavlenskii equation, the generalized Fisher equation and the Burgers-Huxley equation. When these parameters are taken special values, the solitary wave solutions(More)
According to the number of sub-SL(8)s (sub-STS(7)s), there are five classes of sloops SL(16)s (STS(15)s) [2, 5].) In [4] the author has classified SL(20)s into 11 classes. Using computer technique in [10] the authors gave a large number for each class of SL(20)s. There are only simple SL(22)s and simple SL(26)s. So the next admissible cardinality is 28.(More)