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The power grid development in recent years shows that the transmission system increases its complexity due to such aspects as increasing contribution of renewable energy sources and the change of top-down energy flow to bidirectional flow. This has an impact on the voltage stability and necessitates system voltage support. Line commutated Static Var(More)
Digital devices are controlling, protecting and monitoring increasing numbers of electric power systems. One such device that delivers needed measurements is the merging unit (MU). The function of an MU is to merge different types of measurements in one device and generate a digital data stream from measured values, which can then serve as an input signal,(More)
The number of phasor measurement unit installation is growing, especially in Europe since a few years. The collected experience of installation requirements and operation conditions as well as their behavior provides much important information about the possible usage of these measurement devices in real power system applications already. Generally, the(More)
The continuous development of electric power systems characterized by an increasing potential of decentralized energy generation requires high precision measurement technologies for an effective and reliable network monitoring and system state assessment to ensure the high level of present and future security of energy supply. One possibility to capture(More)
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