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[Metastatic tumors of the penis].
The authors present four cases of metastasic penis tumours, two of which followed a prostate carcinoma, one vesical carcinoma and the other a carcinoma of the excretory duct. They make a review ofExpand
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[Surgical wound infection in renal transplant recipients].
Between 1980 and 1991, 504 transplantations were performed in our hospital. All patients received pre-surgical therapy with antibiotics. The total incidence of surgical wound infection was 15 casesExpand
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[Melanosis of the bladder: a very uncommon entity].
Melanosis of the bladder is a rare entity characterized by anomalous deposits of melanin-containing pigment on the vesical urothelium without melanocytic atypia or associated malignant melanoma. ToExpand
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[Post-transplantation renal rupture].
INTRODUCTION Renal allograft rupture in the transplanted patient represents a usually early postoperatory complication threatening graft and patient survival. Urgent management is often required. Expand
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[Duplex echography in acute scrotum. Diagnostic possibilities].
Acute scrotum is a frequent reason for consultation at the urological emergency service. The most common causes, apart from trauma, are acute orchiepididymitis, torsion of the hydatids of MorgagniExpand
[Horseshoe kidney: its usefulness in transplantation].
The horseshoe kidney is useful as a graft and should be transplanted. The technical difficulties can be avoided by en bloc removal, perfusion in situ with Collins solution, and bench surgery duringExpand
[Perineal ectopic testis].
The authors present three cases of perineal, testicle ectopia, two of which were diagnosed and treated in the Urology Department of the "La Fe" Hospital. The other observation was diagnosed andExpand