M. Griselda Báez

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Inescapable shock (IS) exposure induces behavioral inactivity, related to behavioral alterations in subsequent tests (i.e., escape failure, and inactivity during shuttle box task). Metyrapone (150 mg/kg, IP), a corticosterone (CS) synthesis inhibitor, administered 3 h prior to IS reduced inactivity during this aversive experience. Forty-eight hours later,(More)
The effect of corticosterone (CS) synthesis inhibition with metyrapone-a blocker of the 11 beta-hydroxylase (150 mg/kg IP)-on immobility time during the forced swim test was recorded. Immobility time was measured during a 15-min forced swim (test). Twenty-four hours later rats were subjected to an additional 5 min forced swim (retest). In one experiment,(More)
Disease-specific aquaporin-4 antibodies (NMO-IgG) are the main effector of lesions in neuromyelitis optica (NMO) patients. Brain MRI lesions are detected in 60% of them, with 8% (almost infants) at sites of high aquaporin-4 expression. Patient 1: A fifty-year-old male with loss of vision in the right eye. Empiric treatment with metilprednisolone 1g/d for 3(More)
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