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Chemoresistance in neuroblastoma is a significant issue complicating treatment of this common pediatric solid tumor. MYCN-amplified neuroblastomas are infrequently mutated at p53 and are chemosensitive at diagnosis but acquire p53 mutations and chemoresistance with relapse. Paradoxically, Myc-driven transformation is thought to require apoptotic blockade.(More)
— The acceptance of artificial devices like prostheses or other wearable robots requires their integration into the body schemas of the users. Different factors induce, influence and support the integration and acceptance of the device that substitutes or augments a part of the body. Previous studies have shown that the inducing and maintaining factors are(More)
This paper introduces a novel measuring approach for detecting relative movement between stump and socket in lower limb prostheses. The application of the motion capturing based measuring approach is shown at a single male trans-tibial amputee using a Patella Tendon Bearing (PTB) socket. It further investigates and assesses the feasibility of measuring the(More)
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