M Gregg Bloche

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Do members of disadvantaged minority groups receive poorer health care than whites? Overwhelming evidence shows that they do. 1 Among national policymakers, there is bipartisan acknowledgment of this bitter truth. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary Tommy Thompson has said that health disparities are a national priority , and(More)
By default, the courts are inventing health law. The law governing the American health system arises from an unruly mix of statutes, regulations, and judge-crafted doctrines conceived, in the main, without medical care in mind. Courts are ill-equipped to put order to this chaos, and until recently they have been disinclined to try. But political gridlock(More)
Conservatives are taking aim at the field of public health, targeting its efforts to understand and control environmental and social causes of disease. Richard Epstein and others contend that these efforts in fact undermine people's health and well-being by eroding people's incentives to create economic value. Public health, they argue, should stick to its(More)
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