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The computer program HOWBIG has been developed based on the reciprocal correlation of size to migration distance of DNA in high voltage gradient gel systems (Southern, 1979). For calculation the program automatically chooses three marker bands migrating closest to the calculated band, reducing the error down to approximately 0.5% or less (reciprocal method,(More)
Results on a propagation study carried out on a free space optical link at 850 nm on an 850 m long path over a one-year period are given. All recorded individual attenuation events were compared with the concurrent meteorological conditions and were identified according to the types of individual hydrometeors. Cumulative distributions of attenuation due to(More)
Long-term statistics of hydrometeor attenuation obtained on two experimental parallel terrestrial paths at 58 GHz and 93 GHz with the same path length of 850 m are presented. The statistics of rain attenuation obtained are used for the frequency scaling. Several methods are tested and the results obtained are discussed.
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