M Graça Vs Carvalho

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1 University of Coimbra FCTUC, mgr@eq.uc.pt 2 Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto FEUP, mendes@fe.up.pt Abstract This paper presents a virtual platform to teach chemical processes aiming to support a more autonomous learning and providing a practical approach to the subjects, parallel to the scientific background. The platform is organized in five(More)
Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a mycotoxin frequently encountered in coffee. The relevance of this contaminant in the colon upon digestion necessitates a study on its interaction with colon microbiota. Here, the fate of OTA during colon digestion was investigated using a dynamic simulator of the human gut. The influence of coffee as a food matrix was taken into(More)
Stability performance of the acid protease ofCynara cardunculus L. in biphasic systems containing ethyl acetate,n-hexane or isooctane was investigated and compared with that of pepsin. Activity retention was higher in the system containingn-hexane. In this system 100% retention was observed up to 144 hours. Pre-saturation of phases was found to increase(More)
BACKGROUND Rapeseed meal is a good source of high-quality vegetal protein but contains antinutritional compounds that limit its use for human and animal feed. The aim of this study was to develop a methodology to enhance alkaline protein extraction of rapeseed meal and to produce protein-rich products with low levels of phytic acid. Different phytase(More)
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