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Despite the proliferation of implemented clinical practice guidelines, there is still little evidence of physicians compliance to formal standards. The ONCODOC project proposes a framework for elaborating generic decision support guidelines in a document-based paradigm with a knowledge-based approach. It has been first applied to assist clinicians in the(More)
The present work deals with the characterization of the morphological changes induced by ionizing radiation on MXT mouse mammary cancer cell nuclei. The monitoring of the radiotherapy-induced morphonuclear modifications was carried out by means of digital cell image analysis, which made it possible to compute morphometric (nuclear area), densitometric(More)
PURPOSE We describe by means of digital cell image analysis the influence of X-ray radiation on three in vitro cultured cell lines for which we set up chemosensitive and chemoresistant variants. METHODS AND MATERIALS The three cell lines correspond to the MXT mouse mammary and the T24 and J82 neoplastic human bladder cells. The digital cell image analysis(More)
PURPOSE This article investigates the safety and efficacy of a simple cisplatin-based biochemotherapy regimen, containing single-agent cisplatin plus recombinant interleukin-2 (rIL-2) and recombinant interferon-alpha (rIFN-alpha), in the treatment of metastatic melanoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between December 1990 and April 1997, 129 patients were treated(More)
We reviewed the clinical and survival data of 108 consecutive patients who presented with radiation enteritis between 1965 and 1981. One hundred and two (94%) had been irradiated for carcinoma of the cervix uteri. The median follow-up was of 11 years. The median time of occurrence of severe radiation-induced lesions (obstruction, perforation) after(More)
The 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium (MTT) test was employed as a means of studying the cross resistance and collateral sensitivities of two bladder cell lines able to grow in the presence of several antineoplastic drugs and/or despite the effects of radiotherapy. This cross resistance and collateral sensitivities were investigated in(More)
The object of this preliminary study is to evaluate the new techniques of measurement by helical CT which allow direct assessment of the volume of a lesion in clinical practice particularly by obtaining direct macroscopic anatomical correlation. Its primary application is anatomical, with measurement of the volumes of organs or anatomical structures, the(More)
In the evaluation of loco regional extension, MRI and ultrasound provide highly valuable information, with respect to the invasion of deep myometrium, which determines prognosis, being highly similar for the two techniques. This gives ultrasound techniques a role of primary intention for reasons of public health economics. MRI, however, improves the work-up(More)
Beyond considerations of cost-effectiveness, clinical practice guidelines (CPG) can reduce practice variations and thus improve the quality of care. However, despite the proliferation of implemented CPG and their wide diffusion thanks to Internet-based technologies, physicians' compliance with formal standards is weak. Developed according to a(More)
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