M. Govindaraj

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The importance of plant genetic diversity (PGD) is now being recognized as a specific area since exploding population with urbanization and decreasing cultivable lands are the critical factors contributing to food insecurity in developing world. Agricultural scientists realized that PGD can be captured and stored in the form of plant genetic resources (PGR)(More)
An objective fabric modeling system should convey not only the visual but also the haptic and audio sensory feedbacks to remote/internet users via an audio-haptic interface. In this paper we develop a fabric surface property modeling system consisting of a stylus based fabric characteristic sound modeling, and an audio-haptic interface. By using a stylus,(More)
Description: This book incorporates fast-moving research themes based on agricultural crop improvement and ongoing climate change in the present scenario. As time is going now, natural and cultivated habitats of crop plant are continuously disturbed; as a result, crop productivity and crop biology are affected continuously by climate change patterns like(More)
Genetics of micronutrients and their relationships with grain yield and other traits have a direct bearing on devising effective strategies for breeding biofortified crop cultivars. A line × tester study of 196 hybrids and their 28 parental lines of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) showed large genetic variability for Fe and Zn densities with(More)
The number of sequenced crop genomes and associated genomic resources is growing rapidly with the advent of inexpensive next generation sequencing methods. Databases have become an integral part of all aspects of science research, including basic and applied plant and animal sciences. The importance of databases keeps increasing as the volume of datasets(More)
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