M. Gordon

M. Laverick2
P. R. Kind2
B. M. Slavin2
A. H. Nias2
S. Pons1
2M. Laverick
2P. R. Kind
2B. M. Slavin
2A. H. Nias
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The biochemical effects of CHIP have been studied in C3H mice with and without transplanted mammary tumour. The maximum tolerated dose of CHIP was first determined by lethality and intestinal crypt assays to be 40 mg kg-1 and this dose was used to assay the time course of gastric distension and the pattern of drug distribution. A high level of CHIP uptake(More)
A study of C3H mice implanted with mammary tumours has shown that the levels of serum total protein, alanine transaminase and alkaline phosphatase are all lower than those found in normal mice, while aspartate transaminase is higher. Serum urea values were similar to normal levels, but creatinine was lower in males and higher in females. In the male mice,(More)
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