M González Hernández

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UNLABELLED This report is part of a project for norming cognitive and functional instruments that assess dementia (NORMACODEM). To adapt and norm the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) for use in Spain. Two hundred fifty-four controls, 86 patients with minor memory/cognitive disorders without dementia (deterioration without dementia, DWD), 111(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective is to establish the existence of possible correlations between cognitive measures using the a-BT, and functional measures in a population of normal to moderately severe demented subjects. METHODS A sample of 107 subjects (42 healthy controls, 19 subjects with mild cognitive impairment and 46 patients with probable Alzheimer's(More)
INTRODUCTION The study aimed to investigate the Rapid Disability Rating Scale-2 (RDRS-2) in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Test retest reliability, internal consistency, data of discriminant validity of the scale, correlations with other functional and cognitive measures were analyzed. MATERIAL AND METHODS 451 subjects were assessed: 254 healthy controls, 86(More)
PURPOSE To propose a classification of glaucoma visual fields based on affected ganglion cells axons on their way through the optic nerve head. MATERIAL AND METHOD 255 Octopus 1-2-3 visual fields from glaucoma patients and glaucoma suspected patients were analyzed. Determination coefficients (r(2)) between the 10 points closest to the blind spot and the(More)
PURPOSE To provide a useful tool in the diagnosis of glaucoma by developing an automatic system for visual field classification based on neuro-fuzzy rules. METHOD A total of 212 visual fields (OCTOPUS 123 program G1X), from 198 patients, were analysed: 61 normal (controls) and 151 with glaucomatous damage (49% with incipient damage, 29.1% with moderate(More)
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