M. Gonçalves

L. Gern2
I. Lopes de Carvalho2
A. C. Norte2
M. S. Núncio2
2L. Gern
2I. Lopes de Carvalho
2A. C. Norte
2M. S. Núncio
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Ticks consume resources from their hosts shaping their life-history traits and are vectors of many zoonotic pathogens. Several studies have focused on the health effects of blood-sucking ectoparasites on avian hosts, but there is limited information on the effects of ticks on adult and sub-adult birds, which may actively avoid ticks and are likely to(More)
The diversity and abundance of questing ticks and ticks parasitizing birds was assessed during 1 year in two recreational forests in western Portugal, a suburban forest and an enclosed game area. The aim of this study was to assess the distribution and seasonality of tick species and to understand the role of bird species as hosts for ticks. Ixodes ricinus(More)
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