M Goffart

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  • M Goffart
  • 1977
The standard metabolism of Aotus trivirgatus (Night monkey, Owl monkey) is 22.5 to 46.2 per cent below Kleiber's prevision curve for mammals, which applies to other cebid monkeys like Saimiri sciureus and Alouatta. However the metabolic rate of Aotus is not reduced to the extent found in two hypometabolic prosimians Perodicticus potto and Nycticebus(More)
The presence of cones in potto's retina has been proved beyond doubt although they are very restricted in number (1 cone for 300 rods). Morphologically, speaking there is no point in calling these cones "rudimentary" except for their slender outer segment. There are red sensitive elements in that retina at wavelengths beyond the spectral sensitivity of(More)
The dopamine, dopac and tyrosinehydroxylase contents of the caudate nucleus in the prosimian Perodicticus potto and in the simii Macaca mulatta and M. fascicularis have been estimated. The results do not support the hypothesis according to which the sluggishness of the potto is somehow related to a low dopamine content of part of the extrapyramidal system(More)
There is histological evidence for the presence of cones in potto's retina: about 1 cone for 300 rods. The ERG of the dark adapted animal resembles that of the night monkey. In the potto's retina some red sensitive elements respond to wavelenghts beyond those which affect visual purple. The ERG evoked by these long wavelenghts differs from that produced by(More)
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