M. Gołębiowska

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1110 neonates, from 30 to 42 of estimated gestational age (EGA) were measured on the 1st day of life to estimate upper mid-arm circumference (MAC) and head circumference (HC). Individual MAC/HC ratio was calculated. MAC/HC ratio was used to estimate gestational age and nutritional status of the newborns. We proved that MAC/HC ratio increased linearly(More)
Preterm infants, especially those with very low birth weight, are at risk of hepatitis B virus infection. They often require invasive diagnostic methods in their first weeks of life, intensive treatment and long-term hospitalisation. Therefore, hepatitis B vaccination is particularly justified in these patients. Our aim was to determine the reaction of(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the degree of protection provided to the children born from HBs antigen carrying mothers, by vaccination administered according to the 0-1-2-12 scheme (Engerix B, SmithKline Beecham) as well as the level of HBs antibodies after a booster dose given 5 years later. The examination was conducted in 52 children. The level(More)
Thirty-five girls from a technical college (TC) and forty-five from a grammar school (GS) (a control group) were included in a long-term examination. Somatic traits have been investigated for 4 years, while aerobic capacity and motor efficiency have been studied for 3 years. The preliminary selection was noticed in girls--candidates to technical college and(More)