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Remote user authentication is critical requirement in Telecare Medicine Information System (TMIS) to protect the patient personal details, security and integrity of the critical medical records of the patient as the patient data is transmitted over insecure public communication channel called Internet. In 2013, Yan proposed a biometric based remote user(More)
1 .G.CHENCHU KRISHNAIAH* 2 .T.JAYACHANDRAPRASAD 3 .M.N.GIRI PRASAD 1 .ECE DEPT.,GKCE,Sullurpet-524121,A.P,India. Email:Krishna.rakesh4@gmail.com 2 .ECEDEPT.,RGMCET,Nandyal-528502,A.P,India 3 .ECEDEPT.,JNTUCE,Pulivendula-515002,A.P,India Abstract: The 9/7 and 5/3 lifting based wavelet filters are widely used in different image compression schemes, such as(More)
Reconfigurable hardware based image enhancement technique when compared to the conventional method has an improved image quality even under adverse conditions such as contrast reversal and intensity gradients, angular uncertainties, blur caused by changes in depth field, scale changes, partial obliteration or missing features. In addition, parallel(More)
Digital image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. Applications such as these involve different processes like image enhancement and object detection. Implementing such(More)
With the advent of cloud computing, drastic growth of Internet and mobile technologies, there is an exponential growth of ubiquitous users, who are trying to access the cloud server for critical data and resources over an insecure communication channel called Internet. Remote cloud servers need to authenticate the remote users upfront to offer data storage,(More)
Twitter, an Internet based social networking application has gained a tremendous popularity as a means of convenient social networking. The inherent structure and possibility of rapid information propagation provides an opportunity for adversaries to use Twitter as a medium to spread malware. It is critical to examine the data dissemination process in(More)
The fast emerging of new technology called (IoT) i.e., Internet of Things technology, every network like WSN etc and every object like mobile phones, smart phones etc., can be interconnected via insecure public communication channel called Internet, to form scalable and inter operable networking system. IoT also brings numerous security challenges as it is(More)
Online social message classification is an important task for E-Commerce companies to mine and classify the customer opinions. In this paper, we have proposed a first of its kind of an efficient message classification algorithm which is independent of tweet content and considers the set of followers who will retweet during the retweet peaks. By including(More)
Digital watermarking is the process of hiding the important digital information into another one. There are three main watermarking techniques, Digital image watermarking, digital audio watermarking and digital video watermarking. Watermarking can be done majorly in two domains, Spatial Domain and Frequency Domain. This paper is analysis of Digital image(More)
Pair programming is a style of programming in which two programmers work side-by-side at one computer, continuously collaborating on the same design, algorithm, code, or test. In industry, the practice of pair programming has been shown to improve product quality, improve team spirit, aid in knowledge management, and reduce product risk. In software(More)