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This paper's purpose is to provide a numerical scheme to approximate solutions of the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation by applying the multiquadric quasi-interpolation scheme and the integrated radial basis function network scheme. Our scheme uses θ-weighted scheme for discretization of the temporal derivative and the integrated form of the multiquadric(More)
We extend the method of Ghasemi and Marshall [SIAM. J. Opt. 22(2) (2012), pp 460-473], to obtain a lower bound f gp,M for a multivariate polynomial f (x) ∈ R[x] of degree ≤ 2d in n variables x = (x 1 ,. .. , x n) on the closed ball {x ∈ R n : x 2d i ≤ M }, computable by geometric programming, for any real M. We compare this bound with the (global) lower(More)