M. Ghanem Moustafa

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Most existing research in the area of emotions recognition has focused on short segments or utterances of speech. In this paper we propose a machine learning system for classifying the overall sentiment of long conversations as being Positive or Negative. Our system has three main phases, first it divides a call into short segments, second it applies(More)
The field of Text Mining has evolved over the past years to analyze textual resources. However, it can be used in several other applications. In this research, we are particularly interested in performing text mining techniques on audio materials after translating them into texts in order to detect the speakers' emotions. We describe our overall methodology(More)
Li2O·0.25Fe2O3·0.25NiO·1.5SiO2 glass was prepared with and without 5 wt % sulfur (S) while melting the mixture of the starting materials at 1350 C for 1 h in air. A part of the as-prepared glass was heat treated for 1 h near its crystallization temperature (Tc) as determined from differential thermal analysis. Each glass was also investigated by means of(More)
This paper presents a comparison between three different approaches to model the random operation of generation units in power networks for reliability studies. Monte Carlo simulation method is integrated with each of the proposed approaches to calculate the average power not supplied in a given system. The obtained results from each approach are compared(More)
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