M. Gautam

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BACKGROUND Reptiles are phylogenically important group of organisms as mammals have evolved from them. Wall lizard testis exhibits clearly distinct morphology during various phases of a reproductive cycle making them an interesting model to study regulation of spermatogenesis. Studies on reptile spermatogenesis are negligible hence this study will prove to(More)
Decomposition, nutrient, and isotopic (δ13C and δ15N) dynamics during 1 year were studied for leaf and twig litters of Pinus densiflora, Castanea crenata, Erigeron annuus, and Miscanthus sinensis growing on a highly weathered soil with constrained nutrient supply using litterbags in a cool temperate region of South Korea. Decay constant (k/year) ranged from(More)
In response to various hormonal (follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] and testosterone [T]) and biochemical inputs, testicular Sertoli cells (Sc) produce factors that regulate spermatogenesis. A number of FSH- and T-responsive Sc-specific genes, necessary for spermatogenesis, have been identified to date. However, the hormone-induced in vitro expression(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the role of ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-L1 (UCHL1) for motor neuron circuitry and especially in spinal motor neuron (SMN) health, function, and connectivity. METHODS Since mutations in UCHL1 gene leads to motor dysfunction in patients, we investigated the role of UCHL1 on SMN survival, axon health, and(More)
Mutations in the ALS2 gene result in early-onset amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paraplegia and juvenile primary lateral sclerosis, suggesting prominent upper motor neuron involvement. However, the importance of alsin function for corticospinal motor neuron (CSMN) health and stability remains unknown. To date,(More)
This paper proposes a Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) design for multi-core environments. Using a novel technique to keep track of transactional read-write entries, the design provides a holistic and scalable solution to Transactional Memory (TM) implementation issues of context switching, process migration and overflow handling. Another aspect of the(More)
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