M Gasparikova-Krasnec

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Thirty depressed and 30 nondepressed college students completed a social judgment task. Students initially received either positive, negative, or no preliminary feedback and were told that they could obtain more extended feedback about their performance at a cost of $.20 for each unit of feedback. As predicted, depressed students were willing to relinquish(More)
Utilization of positive and negative feedback was investigated in a sample of 20 depressed and 20 nondepressed psychiatric inpatients. Patients, selected on the basis of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory scores and clinical diagnoses, received primarily positive or negative feedback after completing a moral judgment task. Results suggest that(More)
Sixty psychiatric inpatients were assigned to one of three groups on the basis of F and K MMPI validity scales. Staff ratings of patient behavior and recorded incidents of "acting-out" behavior were obtained for patients with: (a) "plea for help" validity profiles, (b) hyper-defensive profiles, and (c) average profiles. Patients with "plea for help"(More)
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