M. Gasca

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Different approaches to the decomposition of a nonsingular totally positive matrix as a product of bidiagonal matrices are studied. Special attention is paid to the interpretation of the factorization in terms of the Neville elimination process of the matrix and in terms of corner cutting algorithms of Computer Aided Geometric Design. Conditions of(More)
Cubic pencils of lines are classified up to projectivities. Explicit formulae for the addition of lines on the set of nonsingular lines of the pencils are given. These formulae can be used for constructing planar generalized principal lattices, which are sets of points giving rise to simple Lagrange formulae in bivariate interpolation. Special attention is(More)
A nonsingular matrix is called almost strictly totally positive when all its minors are nonnegative, and furthermore these minors are positive if and only if their diagonal entries are positive. In this paper we give a characterization of these matrices in terms of the positivity of a very reduced number of their minors (which are called boundary minors),(More)
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