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The oligodendrocyte lineage genes Olig1 and Olig2 encode related bHLH proteins that are coexpressed in neural progenitors. Targeted disruption of these two genes sheds light on the ontogeny of oligodendroglia and genetic requirements for their development from multipotent CNS progenitors. Olig2 is required for oligodendrocyte and motor neuron specification(More)
Motivated by experimental studies of insects, we propose a model for legged locomotion in the horizontal plane. A three-degree-of freedom, energetically conservative, rigid-body model with a pair of compliant virtual legs in intermittent contact with the ground allows us to study how dynamics depends on parameters such as mass, moment of inertia, leg(More)
There has been a consistent gap in understanding how TNF-α neutralization affects the disease state of arthritis patients so rapidly, considering that joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic condition with structural changes. We thus hypothesized that neutralization of TNF-α acts through the CNS before directly affecting joint inflammation.(More)
BACKGROUND Brain activity was studied in grief following frustrated love compared to romantic love, and it was hypothesized that unhappy lovers compared to happy lovers would have decreased brain activity in regions specific to emotional and reward circuits, such as frontal brain areas, anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), bilateral insula or posterior(More)
In multiple sclerosis (MS) more than 95% of the patients have positive oligoclonal bands (OCB) in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Previous studies have reported differences between patients with and without OCB mainly with regard to clinical parameters such as age, gender, disease duration, and clinical severity. However, several MRI characteristics have(More)
Compared to standard spoiled gradient echo (SPGR)-methods, balanced steady-state free precession (bSSFP) provides quantitative magnetization transfer (qMT) images with increased resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in clinically feasible acquisition times. The aim of this study was to acquire 3D high-resolution qMT-data to create standardized(More)
A GIS framework, the Army Remote Moisture System (ARMS), has been developed to link the Land Information System (LIS), a high performance land surface modeling and data assimilation system, with remotely sensed measurements of soil moisture to provide a high resolution estimation of soil moisture in the near surface. ARMS uses available soil (soil texture,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study assesses whether magnetization transfer (MT) imaging provides additive information to conventional MRI in brain tumors. METHODS MT data of 26 patients with neoplastic and metastatic brain tumors were analyzed at 1.5 T. For the 3 largest tumor groups investigated in this study--glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), meningiomas,(More)
This paper presents a quantitative evaluation of the accuracy of different sphere-tree construction methods when they are used in deformable bodies. The methods evaluated are Grid (an extension of octrees), Hubbard, Adaptive Medial Axis and Spawn. We also present a new approach to update the sphere-tree hierarchy that ensures lower loss of accuracy than in(More)
Magnetization transfer (MT) reflects the exchange of magnetization between protons bound to macromolecules, such as lipids and proteins, and protons in free liquid, and thus might be an early marker for subtle and undetermined pathologic changes in tissue. Detailed analysis of the entire MT phenomenon, however, commonly requires extensive data acquisition(More)