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The effects of opiates were investigated in two models of acute inflammation in rats. Morphine (0.1-10 mg/kg, i.p.) inhibited by 50% the paw edema induced by interdigital injection of 1% dextran solution. Low but not high doses of naltrexone produced a similar degree of inhibition. Naltrexone (10 mg/kg, i.p.) completely prevented morphine antiedema effect.(More)
The effects of estrogen (E), progesterone (P) and estrogen plus progesterone (E+P) treatment on Ca-induced contraction in the KCL-depolarized uterine muscle, and the influences on the Ca2+ antagonism induced by reserpine and verapamil "in vitro" were studied. Uterine muscles from rats in estrus were taken as controls. Uteri from spayed untreated rats showed(More)
1. Reserpine produced a direct in vitro non-selective inhibitory effect on smooth muscle contraction of endometrium-free rat uterus. 2. Reserpine uptake into uterine muscle and its antagonistic effect on contraction had a similar time course. 3. Reserpine had a relaxing effect similar to that of trifluoperazine and different from that of verapamil or(More)
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